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25. February - The day of Remembrance for the Victims of Communist Dictatorship 


The cover of the 24 October issue of "Het Vrije Volk"


History is not just simply science but it is an art at once




The history blog of L@JA-Electric COMmunications contains information and sources about history researches. One of the main topics is about the Hungarian Revolution of 1956.

The posts are informative articles to create a platform for history publications.


The 1950's were one of the darkest periods of mankind. The total dictatorship of the CCCP suffocated the countries of Central-Europe. After WWII, the Soviet Union occupied the region and then created a buffer state system that was forced to pay huge amounts of wealth which devastated the economy of the region. Stalin's system was about forced labour and heavy industry that was not familiar to the Central European nations. Also the ideology of the Soviet dictatorship had little basis amongst the aforementioned societies thus the Soviet's needed to create puppet governments and fake elections to gain control over these countries. The Bipolar World and the Cold War created gaps, propaganda and decreased the living standards so badly that made the whole region unstable.


The first three posts were written as commemoration.

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You can download the articles in pdf by clicking the links next to the title of them:


Part 1. The Hungarian Revolution of 23 October 1956 in the light of contemporary Dutch dallies - link


Part 2. The echo of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution in the Dutch press (part two): 'The Hungarian uprising' - link


Part 3. The impact of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution on the contemporary population of the Netherlands, especially in Amsterdam - link