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Amazon Echo Show 8 (1st & 2nd generation, 2021) 8” HD smart home display (integrated Alexa VA & 1 or 13 MP digital camera)

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Amazon Echo Show 8" (1st & 2nd generation, 2021) 8” HD smart home display (integrated Alexa VA & 1 or 13 MP digital camera)

Models: 1st Gen. - Sandstone (B07SNPKX63) / 2nd Gen. Glacier white (B084TNK1NH) / 2nd Gen Charcoal (B084TNNGPG)


Begin your smart day!

The Amazon Echo Show 8 makes your everyday life easier with a collection of smart home applications. The Amazon Echo Show 8 smart display is compatible with a mass of smart home Apps and devices. Alarm function and ideal size: Amazon Echo Show 8 is a flashy nightstand device that tosses up the beginning of each day.


Multi Controls

The Amazon Echo Show 8 provides the user with comprehensive and different types of control. The switches on the top of the smart display let you control the operation of the built-in communication devices (physical camera shutter switch, volume keys, mic-camera mute key and mic opening). The Amazon Echo Show 8 smart display is easy to control due to the Touch Screen. Use the Alexa App voice assistant to experience one of the most advanced ways to control your device today. The Amazon Echo Show 8 smart display recognizes ten dialects of eight languages: English (five dialects), Spanish (three dialects), French (two dialects), German, Italian, Hindi, Japanese and Portuguese (Brazilian dialect).

The Amazon Echo Show 8 smart display can be paired with almost any smart home app or smart device (compatible with over a hundred thousand devices). A big advantage of the second generation is the integrated sensor which is a useful addition for the user at any moment. The Amazon Echo Show 8 smart display is an excellent device that is not simply smart, well-tailored and durable BUT environmentally friendly at once (Climate Pledge Friendly).


Amazon Echo Show 8 both generations available for sale | 30-days-money-back-guarantee |  Free delivery services available | Smart home device | Sandstone @ Lajaecom online shop


A device that makes the usage Green every day.

The Amazon Echo Show 8 (2nd generation) smart display is an environmentally and user friendly smart home portable device that mostly produced by using raw materials that was recycled by consumers.


A tool that allows you to participate in the cycle, only second generation

Raw materials: 100% recycled fabric, the power adapter is made of 50% recycled plastic, while the device itself contains 10 % recycled plastic.

Furthermore, the user will participate in supporting the Amazon Clean Energy Program by purchasing the device as Amazon is involved in solar and wind energy industrial developments that aims to support the harmonization of human life to environ-friendliness.

The product packaging is made 98% of recycled or specifically produced raw materials.

The device has a Low Power Mode function which is activated when the display is inactive thus reducing the power consumption.


Handle video calls

The Amazon Echo Show 8 does more than just support the user in organizing daily routine, managing smart home devices, having fun or waking up! Hands-free video calling is one of its specialities.

This smart display has Group Calling Zoom and Amazon Chime Apps that allows the user to handle multiple video calls.


Wide range of entertainment

The user can have funny experience through the broad option of video streaming services installed on Amazon Echo Show 8 smart display.

Lots of compatible Apps: Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Prime Video, Netflix, NPR, Sirius XM, Photos, Audible, Food Network, Headspace, Kitchen.


Use the Amazon Photos App to view, manage or project all your photos.


The protection of privacy is guaranteed

Amazon Echo devices and the Alexa VA have multi-level protection for secure data management and usage.


Technical details:


Product name: Amazon Echo Show 8 (1st & 2nd generation) smart display

Speaker driver diameter: 52 mm

Camera: 1 megapixel (1st generation) / 13 MP with auto-framing (2nd generation)

Camera control: built-in camera shutter, microphone / camera OFF button

Orientation: Landscape

Product dimension (Width x Height x Depth): 20 x 14 x 10 cm

Net weight: 1037 g

Display: 8” HD Touch Screen

Display resolution: 1280 x 800

Wi-Fi connection: 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac dual-band Wi-Fi network (peer-to-peer Wi-Fi not supported)

Bluetooth profile: A2DP, AVRCP (Hands-free VA is not supported for Mac OS X, password protected Bluetooth audio devices cannot be connected)

System requirements (Alexa): iOS 11.0+ Android 6.0+ Fire OS 5.3.3+

Processor: MediaTek MT 8163

Warranty: 24 months

Package content: 1x Amazon Echo Show 8 (1st & 2nd generation, 2021) smart display, 1x power adapter (30 W), 1x Quick Start Guide

Package dimensions (Weight x Depth x Height): 215 x 100 x 150 mm

Gross weight: 1350 g


Delivery information:


Free home delivery services available:

The Netherlands: 4-6 working days

Belgium: 4-7 working days

Luxembourg: 4-8 working days

Germany: 3-6 working days

Denmark: 4-7 working days

Poland: 3-6 working days

Czech Republic: 3-6 working days

Austria: 3-6 working days

Environmentally Friendly Home Delivery to Hungary: 7-12 working days


Home delivery services:

Ireland: 5-8 working days, cost: €5

Sweden: 4-7 working days, cost: €2,50

Finland: 4-7 working days, cost: €5

Baltic States: 4-6 working days, cost: €5

Slovakia: 4-6 working days, cost: €5

Hungary: 4-6 working days, cost: €2,50

Croatia: 4-6 working days, cost: €4,50

Slovenia: 4-6 working days, cost: €5

Italy: 4-6 working days, cost: €2,50

France: 4-6 working days, cost: €2

Spain: 5-8 working days, cost: €3

Portugal: 5-8 working days, cost: €3,50.

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