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  • Jabra Evolve 20 UC & Jabra Evolve 20 SE UC headset designs (foam cushion)
  • Jabra Evolve 20 professional PC USB call center headset
  • Jabra Evolve 20 MS & Jabra Evolve 20 SE MS PC USB headset design
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Jabra Evolve 20 professional PC USB headset

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Jabra Evolve 20 professional PC USB headset

Models: EVOLVE 20 UC / MS & EVOLVE 20 SE UC / MS


Are You in need of premium sound quality, reliable and easy usage?

The Jabra Evolve 20 USB headsets are one of the most efficient ways of having phone calls. The Jabra Evolve 20 compatible with both PC and MAC computers. Ideal tools if you are often busy with the weight of handling incoming and outgoing calls.


The Jabra Evolve 20 USB headset is ideal for home office or call centre environments. All hedsets in the Evolve 20 series are compatible with most United Communications (UC) platforms.


Efficient call handling

With the control unit built into the wiring, all commonly used functions (volume control, mute, answer, end or reject a call) can be easily operated.


Controller of Jabra Evolve 20 PC USB headset | Vezérlés | Controlepaneel


Passive noise cancellation

The Jabra Evolve 20 professional PC USB headset provides high-frequency noise cancellation thanks to the design and padded covers of the earphones.


Outstanding mic noise cancellation

Filtering out background noise is the primary feature of the microphone. Plug & Play compatibility helps you get your headset up and running quickly. Long cabling and a control unit make workflows conveniently simplified.


Jabra Evolve 20 PC USB headset mic-side


What is the difference between the models?

Lajaecom offers the UC and MS versions of Evolve 20 and Evolve 20 SE.

The essential difference between the Jabra Evolve 20 and Jabra Evolve 20 SE lies in the material of the ear cushions. The Evolve 20 variants are made with foam ear cushions while the Evolve 20 SE variants have leatherette ear cushions.

The difference between the UC and MS variants is the Microsoft Support feature. While the UC types are ideal for VoIP use, the MS variants has been optimized for Skype for Business.


The Jabra Evolve 20 UC and 20 SE UC models are best suited for making a user-friendly working environment of VoIP softphone applications by the easy-use headset configuration. The Jabra Evolve 20 MS and 20 SE MS is nowadays best combination with Microsoft Skype for Business application.


Jabra Evolve 20 PC USB call center headset UC foam cushion design


Technical details:


Product and variants: Jabra Evolve 20 UC / MS & Jabra Evolve 20 SE UC / MS

Model numbers: Jabra Evolve 20 UC (4999-829-209) / Jabra Evolve 20 SE UC (4999-829-409) / Jabra Evolve 20 MS (4999-823-109) / Jabra Evolve 20 SE MS (4999-823-309)

Connectivity: USB-Type A (Plug & Play)

UC & VoIP compatibility: Alcatel Lucent, Avaya, Cisco Teams, Unify, Skype

Size of ear cushions: L

Ear cushion types: foam for Jabra Evolve 20 models & leatherette for Jabra Evolve 20 SE variants

Net product weight (Evolve 20 / Evolve 20 SE): 142 g / 171 g

Microphone type: Boom

Microphone sensitivity: -44 dB

Microphone frequency range: 100 – 10000 Hz

Diameter of  drivers: 28 mm

Hearing protection: EU noise at work, G616

Headphone frequency range: 150 – 7000 Hz

Headphone type: Supraaural

Impendence: 32 Ohms

Headphone sensitivity: 93,6 dB

Digital Signal Processing: Yes

Certification: CE, FCC, KCC, RCM, UL

Headset connectivity: 3,5 mm jack

Operation temperature: -10 oC +55 oC

Storage temperature: -30 oC +80 oC


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