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  • NeXtime Time Zones pop-art design home colourful glass wall clock (square shape) | Woonkamer designer wandklok | Nappali dizájner falióra
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NeXtime Time Zones square analogue glass living room designer wall clock

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NeXtime Time Zones square analogue glass living room designer wall clock


Are you looking for a fun, unique and useful design element of a place that is needed to be enhanced?

 We have what You need!

 CHOOSE the Nextime Time Zones glass square design wall clock!


A fun and eye-catching way of time measuring in 4 time zones!
The colourful glass design element of any interior.
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The NeXtime Time Zones is one of the NeXtime Essentials Series that includes many specific types of glass design wall clock. The Time Zones square glass wall clock is large and easy to read, measuring 43x43 cm. Time Zones glass design clock impresses its viewer with the pop-art style. Four images, four watch dials, four time zones. A multifunctional pop-art glass design square clock that shows the current time in four time zones: London, Paris, New York or Tokyo. The Time Zones glass wall clock shows the current moment in all four zones. The clock is colourful, eye-catching and pleasant to look at.

The four images depict four coloured watches. You would always know where what the exact time is by setting the dials precisely. The square shape and pop-art design is what gives this glass square clock a unique look. Visitors are guaranteed to remember this colourful and special room decoration. This pop-art style glass design clock looks good on any wall. The Time Zones analogue wall clock is easy to read and can be classified as a large wall clock due to its scale. The clock dial is protected by glass but the total weight of the product is only 2,53 kg. So it is relatively light, but at the same time durable also.

The NeXtime Essentials Time Zones becomes an excellent design element on any room wall. This silent wall clock raises the appearance of the wall of your room and its low operating noises do not interfere with a person’s daily activities. Due to the colourful world of pop-art, the application of unique watches as illustration of the clock dial and the square shape make the Time Zones a special glass interieur design product. The Time Zones makes its viewers begin smiling.

This home décor element is made partly of plastic and glass. The Time Zones is also a very easy to repair type, although due to its excellent quality, it can be used for decades without any repairs if used properly. The product offer does not include the AA battery required for operation. The pop-art design, the display of four time zones at once and proportions of size are the arguments that make the NeXtime Time Zones an excellent choice.

Choose NeXtime Time Zones and enjoy the pop art design on the wall of your room. The NeXtime Clocks are made with fifty years of experiences and knowledge in manufacturing of time measuring items and the Time Zones is guaranteed to enhance the look of your room’s wall. The Time Zones is a high quality glass interieur design element that is part of the Essentials Serie of NeXtime. The product delivery always depends on the destination country.

This product offer is available for the EU market. If you would like to have different delivery method than the standard please contact us.


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