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  • Pioneer SE C4 Bluetooth headset, wireless earphone (black) | Draadloze oortelefoon | Vezeték nélküli fülhallgató
  • Pioneer SE C4 Bluetooth headset, wireless earphone (white) | Draadloze oortelefoon | Vezeték nélküli fülhallgató
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Pioneer SE C4 Bluetooth headset wireless earphone (black / white)

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Pioneer SE C4 Bluetooth headset wireless earphone (black / white)


The Pioneer C4 Bluetooth headset is a simple and elegant solution for a combination of great sound effect and comfort. The C4 is sensitive, the rare earth magnetic, 8 millimetres drives increase audio resolution and produce deeper bass and clarify high and mid frequencies.

FAST and easy mobile call answering with the built-in microphone and remote control so its user can stay connected to smartphones with ease.

This earphone is lightweight and weighs just over 13 grams. The Pioneer SE C4 Bluetooth headset is unobtrusive, comfortable and high-tech. It can be used freely and safely anywhere, during any activity. The battery has a charging time of one and a half hour which provides six hours of usage. The Bluetooth headset also has a built-in mic and remote control, ensuring trouble-free and comfortable usage.

The functions of the remote controller: telephone call handling, volume control, music player control. The headset also has a special Pioneer notification app that only works in the Android environment.

The MultiPoint function of the C4 makes possible to attach two smartphones to the wireless earphone, then the user can enjoy music from one of the smart device and have a phone call on the other.

The Ear Direct Mount Structure tech improves the fit of the earphones to the ears and enhances the sound of the music emitted by the Bluetooth headset.

Three sizes of silicone earplugs (small / medium / large).

Choose the Pioneer SE C4 wireless in-ear headset and enjoy the superior sound quality, safety and comfort that this product provides to its users.



Pioneer SE C4 Bluetooth headset white

Frequency transmission range: 10 Hz to 20 kHz

Battery recharge time: 180 minutes

Battery: DC3 7V

Wireless distance: 10 meters

Net product weight: 13 grams

Data transfer technology: Bluetooth 4.2

Maximum operating time: 6 hours

Details: Microphone, remote control, micro USB charging cable, DC3 7 V battery, MultiPoint function, Ear Direct Mount Structure technology, FHSS, SMDS-T method content protection

Compatibility: iOS, Android


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